Answers to some of the most common questions about our candy, shipping and purchasing.

Candy, Chocolate & Snacks

Is all of your candy made in Sweden?

All of our candy is either made in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland.

I've never tried Swedish candy before, what do you recommend?

If you've never tried Swedish candy before it's probably best to start with the "Starter Candy Box" which includes a pre-selected assortment of the best Swedish candy, chocolates and snacks. Happy snacking!

General Information

Where are you located?

We have our main office and warehouse in Gothenburg Sweden.

Is this a so called "dropshipping" store?

No! We have our own warehouse with the candy, chocolate and snacks bought directly from the manufacturer and quality tested by us.

You're missing my favorite candy/chocolate/snack, can you add it to the store?

Absolutely, open a support request through the chat and we'll try our best! 🤠


Which countries do you ship to?

Our primary markets are North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

We try to offer complete worldwide shipping, but due to various restrictions set by different countries we might not be able ship there. If you're unsure if we offer shipping to your country open a support request through the chat and we'll try our best to offer you a shipping alternative.

Can I return something if I change my mind?

Sadly, while we do strive for 100% satisfaction, we're not able due to the nature of our products being perishable goods we're not able to accept returns for reasons other than something being wrong with the goods.

Why is the shipping kind of expensive?

It's really expensive to ship things oversees sustainably. We also have to ship certain orders through special means to make sure items such as chocolates don't melt. We care about you and the environment.


Which payment methods are accepted?

American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Do you accept Bank Transfers, Invoices and/or Checks?

Currently at the moment we do not accept bank transfers, invoices and checks. If you're a business looking to order larger quantities, we might be able to provide an invoicing option. Contact us by making a support request through the live chat for more information.


Do you offer wholesale/b2b discounts?

Open a support request through the chat and we'll figure out a pricing model that fits your business.

Are you running any kind of affiliate program?
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