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Not sure how or where to start your journey into Swedish and Scandinavian candy? Fear no more, this...

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Explore Our Swedish Candy Box Mix With The Best Swedish Candy And Chocolate Bars 

We at Candy by Sweden are always looking to offer a broad selection of the best Swedish candy on the Scandinavian market for you. Many of our product are new even for us and we are working hard to always offer all the newest products on the Swedish candy market and keep the selection updated. 

Our tasty candy and chocolate selection has to be experience by you! It is not possible to describe all the tasty flavours and textures by word. The need to be explored by you!

Beacause of that we have made it simple to start exploring the Swedish candy slection. We have created a perfectly balanced candy box mixed with the best Swedish candy and chocolate on the market. We always select the products with care and alway pick the most popular and commercial products from the candy shop. To make your first Swedish candy experience comfortable and memorable.

Chocolate Bar Selection In The Candy Box Mix

As mentioned in the section above. We always select the products in the Swedish candy box mix with great care. It is of high importance for us at Candy by Sweden that your first Swedish candy experience is enjoyable and memorable. We want you to create memories with Swedish candy for life!

The chocolate selection in the candy box mix will primarily consist of the best Swedish chocolate bars on the market. We will focus on the most popular classics and may add a new trending products to spice it up a little. But not to much, as said it is of high importance that your first Swedish candy experience is comfortable.

The chocolate bars are always fresh and sourced directly from the Swedish candy factory. The durability of the chocolate is always good so that you can save your treats just for the perfect moment!

The chocolate bars are as mentioned always selected with great care and the focus is always on the most popular classic chocolate bars and to a certain degree on new trending products. The brand we mostly will focus on is Marabou wich is one of the best Swedish candy brands on the market that focuses mainly on chocolate bars and chocolate products.

Swedish Candy Bag Selection In The Candy Box Mix

As picky as we at Candy by Sweden are with the chocolate bar selection. The same goes for the candy bags. There are many great candy companys on the Swedish market and it is not a simple task to select the best Swedish candy brand. The selection of Swedish candy bags is broad and we want to give each of them a fair chance to make a memorable impression on you.

One thing is sure, the Candy Box delivery that you will get to the front door of your home. Will always be packed with fresh candy from the candy factory. The products will always be some of the best Swedish candy bags on the market. And will only consist of the most popular and best selling products.

The selected items will mainly consist of Swedish candy bags but also other Scandinavian candy companys that deliver fresh treats straight from the candy factory. You can explore them here: Toms, Bubs, Candy People, Cloetta, Ahlgrens Bilar, MalacoS-Märke and Fazer.

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