Snacks Bag With Peanutcrisps Coated With Creamy Milk Chocolate

Top Five Staff Picks For September

by Marcel Sobolewski
Thu Sep 01 2022

Welcome dear candy, snack and chocolate lovers! The staff on Candy By Sweden have selected five favourite products for this new month. So that you can try and enjoy new delicious flavours. We have made this list for you to make it simple for you to explore new and exciting snacks.


Estrella Chokladdoppade Jordnötsringar

Delicious crunchy crisps made from real peanuts and dipped in creamy milk chocolate. A must try! Delivered in a practical candy bag for a convenient snacking experience.


Snacks Bag With Peanutcrisps Coated With Creamy Milk Chocolate



Bubs Hallon/Lakrits Skalle Gele

Perfectly balanced flavours of raspberry and licorice. Chewy texture and amazing flavour profile. This is a classic Swedish candy bag.


Candy bag soft and chewy raspberry licorice skull gummies



Marabou Helnöt

Amazing milk chocolate bar with big pieces of roasted hazelnuts. Super crunchy and very delicous. This is a classic on the Swedish market.

Milk Chocolate Bar With Big Crunchy Pieces Of Perfectly Roasted Hazelnuts


Cloetta Plopp Ahlgrens Bilar

A incredible milk chocolate bar with with classic Swedish candy in it. This is a new product on the market and it is just perfect!

milk chocolate bar with swedish candy cars

Estrella Sötpotatischips Sourcream & Onion

Perfectly balanced sweet potato chips with the flavour of sourcream and onion. A must try! They are is simply amazing.



Sweet potato chips sourcream and onion
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