Swedish candy you simply must experience

by Marcel Sobolewski
Thu Aug 25 2022

Swedish candy is amazingly diverse which means it might be hard to know what to what to try first, so in this article we have collected some of the classics you simply must experience.


Marabou Milk Chocolate

Marabou Mjölkchoklad is a smooth and creamy chocolate that’s perfect for sharing with family, friends and colleagues. Or why not enjoy it yourself. You can also check out all available Marabous.


Malaco Djungelvrål

Malaco Djungelvrål is an extremely salty licorice candy that's bound to get a funny expression out of anybody.


S-Märke Supersurt

Supersour from Candy People is a super sour, oval-shaped candy. The candy is a classic and popular candy among both adults and children and offers the taste buds a really sour experience.

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