A Guide to the Best Swedish Candy For Beginners

Mon Sep 12 2022
Candy, or as the swedes call it godis is a culturally big deal in Sweden. Picking out candy and chocolate at the end of the week to enjoy during the weekend is a big moment for kids, teenagers and even adults.

Candy Bag Of The Week - Sweet And Sour Swedish Watermelon Candies

Mon Sep 12 2022
Through generations saturdays has always been the day of the candy in Sweden. It is a must to have a well deserved sweet treat for the work that has been done through the week. Whether you are a child or adult!

Candy Bag Of The Day - Sweet And Soft Swedish Mini Candies

Sun Sep 11 2022
We have selected this good old Swedish classic as the candy bag of the day because they simply are amazing. Always leaving a strong impression and memories for life! Even after your first try.

Top Five Staff Picks For September

Thu Sep 01 2022
Welcome dear candy, snack and chocolate lovers! The staff on Candy By Sweden have selected five favourite products for this new month. So that you can try and enjoy new delicious flavours. We have made this list for you to make it simple for you to explore new and exciting snacks.

Swedish candy you simply must experience

Thu Aug 25 2022
Swedish candy is amazingly diverse which means it might be hard to know what to what to try first, so in this article we have collected some of the classics you simply must experience.
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